Industrial Manufacturer

Supporting Change Management Programs

The Task

For over 8 years we have partnered with an industrial manufacturing organisation to support its tactical and strategic recruitment across Europe, Middle East and Africa, facilitating the hiring of over 70 people into the business. 

A particular project Network Executive supported was the strategic change in its sales approach from being a prescriptive/reactive culture to building a global sales and account management environment that was proactive and strongly customer and solutions focused.

Not everyone operating within the existing sales structure were suitable or capable of evolving into this new way of engaging both current and new customers and therefore a number of new hires needed to be made throughout EMEA.

Our Approach & Result

There were a number of layers of complexity to this programme of work; many of the hires needed to be made confidentially; hires needed to be made in multiple countries; hires needed to be made at both Director and Manager level; some hires were focused on key account management (some local, some global) others on building new business. 

Network Executive successfully managed and completed this programme of work, placing Sales professionals into roles in Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Poland, UK, Saudi Arabia and South Africa.

What’s next?

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