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The Task

In 2014 we entered into discussions with a global medical and healthcare organisation. Historically their HR Director had been a user of well-known traditional search firms however had been growing increasingly frustrated with the level of service she was receiving. Specifically there were  quality issues and unreasonable charges and costs compounding the not unsubstantial pressure of hiring the right people to support a change of direction in strategy and ultimately increase value and drive growth.

Combined with this, and more of a longer term concern, was the complete reluctance of the search firms to adapt their models to support the changing needs of the organisation and to provide truly international support seamlessly.

Our Approach & Result

Having been left incredibly frustrated by this, the HR Director was open to exploring new, more innovative avenues and I met her to discuss what the solutions Network Executive could provide. Impressed by our track record of providing bespoke, tailored recruitment solutions, our global reach, speed and our fee structure she agreed to meet to discuss how we may be able to support her and, as a result, engaged us for an initial body of work.

To date we have successfully supported this organisation to make key hires in 9 countries, including Japan and Brazil:

Roles Successfully filled:

  • HR Director, Japan
  • VP Global Order Fulfilment, UK
  • Sales Director, Sweden
  • Sales Director, Netherlands
  • SVP & Head of Product Management, UK
  • Director Solutions Education & Training,UK
  • VP, MEA, South Asia & Turkey, Turkey
  • HR Manager, Turkey
  • Financial Controller, Brazil
  • Sales Director, Greece

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