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The Task

A £80 million turnover FMCG / food production business sold off half their plants resulting in a number of key staff within IT, Finance, Business Intelligence and HR moving on.  This loss of knowledge and expertise put the business under considerable strain at a time they were re-investing and expanding due to a large upturn in orders.

The Operations Director was spending a lot of time communicating the nuances of key hires to various recruiters as well as emphasizing the level of business partnering required within a manufacturing setting.

They needed a joined-up approach and a recruiter who understood the bigger picture and the end result they were looking to achieve.

Our Approach & Result

After meeting with the Operations Director, it became apparent that they required candidates with extensive manufacturing experience as well as strong communication skills. It also became apparent that they were working with too many recruitment suppliers which was diluting the quality of candidates they were receiving resulting in them wasting a considerable amount of time engaging with suppliers and meeting inappropriate candidates.

As this was the first time we had worked with the business we initially focused on appointing a key role which was challenging due to the role previously being mis-sold to candidates resulting in them declining the opportunity.

We successfully appointed a candidate for the role and having proven our capabilities went on to work exclusively with the business to fulfil their additional recruitment requirements.

We successfully filled all the remaining key roles resulting in the business not only being fully resourced but also saving the Operations Director a considerable amount of time.

We are now their primary recruitment partner across all functions.

Roles successfully filled:

  • Management Accountant
  • Interim Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Permanent Business Intelligence Analyst
  • HR Manager
  • Head of IT and Business Intelligence
  • 2nd Line IT Support Engineer

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