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Supporting Global Recruitment Needs

The Task

Network Executive has supported a FTSE 100 organisation to hire key personnel into its operations around the world.  The nature of the client’s business means that the operational hiring is almost exclusively outside of the UK and can be in some very exotic locations – such as Madagascar, Dominican Republic, Ivory Coast, Southern Russia.

Our Approach & Result

These assignments sometimes require an ex-patriate solution, others in-country hiring or sometimes a skilled relocator.  Some of the roles have had a global scope so the challenge of identifying the right talent with the right skills is also compounded with the challenge of finding great people who are prepared to travel intensively and potentially spend up to 70% of their working time in a different country or location – a challenge we have risen to successfully many times.

Roles successfully filled: 

  • Asian Operations Director, Taiwan
  • West African Operations Director, Ivory Coast
  • Financial Controller, Russia
  • Global Operations Excellence Senior Manager, Germany
  • HR Manager, Sweden
  • Plant Manager, Spain
  • Global QHSE Manager, UK
  • Plant Manager, USA
  • Financial Controller, Dominican Republic
  • Trade Marketing Manager, Poland
  • Head of Business Intelligence, UK

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