Network Direct

Net Direct is a video-based recruitment platform and app that enables candidates to apply to job adverts and promote their skills, motivations and personality directly to employers.

How Does It Work?

When you register on the platform or app you will be able to view the full details of the opportunity, including videos about the company and role. If you remain interested in the opportunity you can confirm your application and complete your profile. It is quick and easy to apply – simply upload your CV, outline your requirements, and answer 3 short video interview questions to promote your suitability for the role. Once your profile is approved, the employer will review your profile and you will be notified if they wish to progress so you can approve your contact details being shared with them. The employer will then contact you directly to progress your application further.



Promote Yourself

Get across your personality and motivations so employers can see beyond your CV


Stay in Control

Produce your profile from wherever, whenever and as many times as you like


Don't Waste Time & Money

No need to waste time & money attending interviews for unsuitable roles


Be Informed

Really understand the opportunity by viewing videos of the company and vacancy


Speed Up the Process

Communicate directly with the employer to improve communication


Simple and Effective

Upload your CV to quickly create your profile which can be used for future opportunities

What’s next?

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